3 Benefits of Concrete in Your Landscape Design

Concrete landscapes have become quite popular recently. And why wouldn't they? Not only do they make your landscaping look great, but it also makes home owning much more enjoyable because it saves time on lawn maintenance. Concrete landscaping has various advantages over other materials in terms of looks, designs, strength as well as price. Check out these 3 benefits of having concrete in your landscape design.

1. Durable Hardscaping

Concrete is an extremely durable product that is perfect for high foot traffic areas such as your backyard patio. It can hold up against a variety of weather conditions from thunderstorms to hail. You will also not have to worry about constant maintenance with concrete in your land and hardscaping design. The concrete is a hard material and can’t be damaged easily. It serves as an excellent barrier. The curb prevents grass and weeds from growing in between your walkway joints, so it is very easy to clean by occasional hosing it down. So your family will be able to enjoy a low-maintenance concrete patio for years to come.

2. Creates Versatility

Concrete can be used in any aspect of your hardscaping design from walkways to borders for your garden. It can fit in seamlessly with your other landscaping features and adds simplicity to your home. It is not limited to one particular use. It can be used for multiple landscaping needs. Concrete makes the landscaping a bit easier since there’s no need to switch materials. Concrete comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that are perfect for any project. Your customized concrete project in St. Louis can make your home stand out from the other homes on your block.
3. Adds Value to Your Property

People want to buy homes that are attractive and appealing. Concrete landscaping is an attractive addition to any home because it enhances the esthetics of any lawn. A patio installment or upgrade can easily turn an empty backyard into an elaborately decorated outdoor feature. The perfect spot to relax, entertain and cook, patios are making a comeback at all stages of the market. So when you're ready to sell, it'll be a great selling point to buyers. Concrete landscaping and hardscaping increase your property value and make your home easier to sell. So concrete hardscaping is a long term investment you will benefit from after you move out.

As you can see, concrete landscaping offers a variety of benefits over other materials. Benz and Associates doesn't just specialize in pouring concrete, we specialize in creating stunning dreamscapes that enhance your style and personality. Most people don’t know just how many design & finish options exist when it comes to concrete. Yes…you CAN use concrete to get a beautiful, custom look for your patio, driveway, walkway, and more! We would love have the opportunity to show you the options we offer for your concrete landscaping projects in the Greater St. Louis area. There’s a great chance we can get you the look you want so don’t hesitate to call us!

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