Bring Your Backyard to Life with a Custom Patio

A well-designed, professionally-installed concrete patio from Benz & Associates is a lasting way to add a touch of elegance and beauty to your home and landscape. As one of the most experienced concrete patio contractors in St. Louis, we offer a variety of attractive options for your concrete patio. We also know how to build the patio so that it withstands weathering and aging, making sure you can enjoy it for many years to come.

The perfect transition between interior and exterior living spaces.
Because of its durability and variable color palette, stamped and stained concrete is a popular choice for many homeowner's patios. Regardless of what your landscaping design is, a stamped and stained concrete patio can be designed to fit right in. Concrete or cement patios can create the perfect transition between interior and exterior living spaces. When designing a patio or porch, homeowners can match the overall look of their house and garden by using stamped or stained concrete. With stamped concrete, Benz & Associates can provide the look of flagstone, brick and other textures, without the cost of using those materials.

Our concrete patio services in St. Louis include:

  • Textured & Stamped Concrete
  • Traditional Brushed Finish
  • Decorative Patio Edges
  • Concrete Sealing & Maintenance
  • Concrete Patio Repair & Restoration
Types of Patios

Why should you choose a concrete patio? Before deciding on what kind of patio to install in your yard, consider the pros and cons of the most popular patio materials currently being used in the area.

Natural Stone Patios
For a completely natural look, many homeowners go with natural stone patios. Types of natural stone include flagstone, slate, bluestone and limestone. Natural stone is a beautiful material to use for a patio or porch, but it is quarried and must be trucked in, which adds transportation costs. It also costs more to install because it takes longer to lay down. Because it’s natural, there will always be some fluctuation in the thickness of each stone. This variation means that each piece is first put in place, and then lifted raised or lowered to make it level with the rest of the patio. A poorly installed natural stone patio will create a rough, uneven surface that can be a real tripping hazard.

Brick can lend a charming, old-fashioned look to a patio or porch, but in St. Louis it is often an impractical material to use. Brick is porous so it retains moisture. In the humid summers of St. Louis, patios made with brick can quickly grow a layer of slippery moss. In freezing weather, the brick and grout is prone to cracking, meaning that it needs to be repaired or replaced more often than concrete patios.

Pavers, or paving stones, are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes them great for creating a uniquely styled patio or porch. Unlike natural stone, pavers are manufactured so that they are all the same thickness, making them easier and cheaper to install. Because many companies manufacture paving stone kits, they are a top choice for DIY-loving homeowners.


Don’t think that a concrete patio is just a boring gray slab. There are a huge number of options available now that did not used to exist. Stamped and dyed concrete are very popular and can help create a natural look. You could even choose to add exposed aggregate or pieces of glass for a unique finish. It is one of the cheapest ways to add a unique patio to your home, but be aware that it does require proper maintenance to make sure the color and finish last.

When deciding on installing a new patio in St. Louis, remember to consider what materials are economical, practical, and durable. When you speak with the experts at Benz & Associates, we can help you determine if a concrete patio is right for your needs. If it is, we will also be able to help you design a stamped and dyed patio that is right for your style. Over the past 30 years we’ve completed hundreds of concrete projects – patios, driveways, foundations & more! Call us today for a FREE quote at 314-393-8813!

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