Waterproofing Your Basement

Having the luxury of a basement within your home is quite nice when it comes to having extra space for the family to enjoy and expand. A wet basement not only prevents you from enjoying additional space in your house, but can also turn your basement into a giant petri dish perfect for growing unhealthy molds and fungi. If your basement is wet and musty, then it may be time to consider waterproofing your basement. Now, you could attempt to do this task on your own, but since fewer than 20% of DIY basement waterproofing projects are completed successfully, it's probably best to have a professional contractor to do the job right the first time.

What a Contractor Knows That You Don't
When performing any basement waterproofing, it's important that you first identify exactly where the water in your basement is coming from and what's causing the seepage. Failure to diagnose your problem correctly means you could put in all the work of waterproofing for nothing. A professional contractor is trained to identify where water is getting into your basement, and what's causing the problem. With that information in hand, your contractor will then have what he needs to custom tailor a waterproofing plan for your home.

Proper Preparation is the Key to Success
Besides being an expert in diagnosis, a professional contractor is also an expert in handling prep work to ensure the project goes smoothly and that there are enough materials needed to complete the job. Many DIY basement sealing projects fail because the homeowner doesn't know how to prep the basement properly before sealing, or just doesn't have the tools, time, or inclination to do a thorough job. The project is dirty and time consuming work for homeowners and professionals alike. A professional, however, has the expertise and equipment to help them get the job done better and faster than most homeowners are capable of.

A Professional Will Fix the Problem the Right Way
Sealing a basement, without addressing what's causing the water seepage in the first place, is often just putting off the inevitable. Locating where the problem is coming from is the first step in fixing the problem properly, not just slapping a band-aid over it. Often times, the problem comes from the exterior of a home, and finds its way in through a crack or gap in the foundation. The surest way to waterproof your basement walls is an exterior waterproofing solution.

All too often we’ve seen leaky basements “fixed” by big brand waterproofing companies that were still leaking, or foundation “repairs” that are little more than a band-aid on a large structural problem. We pride ourselves in providing high-end quality work that stands the test of time. So if you're tired of not being able to use that extra space in your home without worrying about water damage, contact Benz and Associates to get a free quote on our basement waterproofing services in the Greater St. Louis area!

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