4 Concrete Ideas to Strengthen Your Home's Appeal

Who doesn't strive to have the best looking house in the neighborhood? Of course, you want all your neighbors doing double takes of your gorgeous landscaping and wishing they had a great looking curb appeal like your home does. Well, that dream to be the envy of the neighborhood isn't too far from reality. We've got 4 concrete ideas to strengthen your home's appeal. Check them out!

1. Dress Up The Driveway
If your driveway is an eye sore and even worse to drive on, it may be time to think about replacing it with a more sturdy, longer lasting one. By installing a concrete driveway, not only will you prolong the life and use of your driveway, but you'll create a beautiful eye-catching addition to your home's landscaping. You can even get a stamped design done to add definition and style that will have your neighbors envious!

2. Build a Walkway
When you invite family, friends, and neighbors over you don't want them tripping over their own feet while walking to your door step. You can avoid trip hazards, by having your walkway redone in concrete. Not only will it be safer to walk on than pavers or bricks, but it will look better too! Plus it's much easier to maintain since grass and weeds won't be growing through like they would if your walkway were brick.

3. Create a garden
Gardens add a welcoming feel and colorful curb appeal to any home exterior, quickly and affordably. By adding a few concrete retainer walls to differentiate the lawn from your garden area, you'll create a beautiful and dynamic setting that will draw the eye and add color and beauty to your landscaping. You can even choose pavers or stain to match or offset your home's exterior to make an even bigger statement!

4. Add Outdoor Art
Give your yard a little spunk and curb appeal by adding weather-resistant artwork. Choose pieces that complement your home's natural palette and exterior elements. Birdbaths, fire pits, fountains or fish ponds are good choices for outdoor art. Water sculptures not only function as yard art, but the burbling sounds soothe and make hot days feel cooler. Place fountains on level ground in optimum hearing and sight vantage points. Just add a gorgeous concrete patio, and your outdoor living area will be complete and ready for entertaining!

However you choose to improve your home's appeal, make sure to go with concrete as your material choice for a longer lasting, more beautiful outcome! For all of your concrete construction projects in the Greater St. Louis area, count on Benz and Associates to get the job done right, and for a fair price! We are the best concrete contractor in Missouri for any concrete job, big or small! Give us a call today at 314-393-8813 to get a quote.

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