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Your Dream Home Starts with a Good Foundation

Home ownership is one of the top American dreams that every family strives to accomplish, whether it's buying or building. Regardless as to which route you take to achieving this goal, one thing you should make certain of is that your dream home is sitting on a structurally sound foundation. It may seem like a simple part of the overall construction process, but getting the foundation right on any building project is incredibly important. Importance of a Foundation The foundation of a home or building is essential to the value and safety of the structure. At a minimum, a foundation must do three things well: 1) Support the structure above, 2) Keep out groundwater, and 3) Act as a barrier to water and soil vapor. That being said, Benz & Associates wants to to share with you three common foundations used in residential and commercial building projects in the Greater St. Louis Area, as well as some issues that could arise if the foundation is not structurally sound. Let'

5 Solid Reasons to Hire a Licensed Concrete Contractor

We understand that these days people want the most for their money and will try to cut corners wherever they can by attempting to do construction projects on their own. While it can be enjoyable and fulfilling to be able to say you did a concrete repair and installation on your own, it would be best to let a pro handle it. Whether it is a construction, remodeling, or repair project, it requires tremendous measurements and calculations. Something that only trained people can do effectively. Here are 5 solid reasons why hiring a licensed concrete contractor is the best thing to do: 1. Cost-effective While you think by doing a concrete job on your own you'll be saving money, that can actually be quite costly in the long run. While you may save on labor costs by doing it yourself, you could be spending more on materials than a professional contractor would, since most contractors are able to get bulk materials for much less than you can pick them up for at your local home impr

Benz & Associates Services

Benz & Associates, LLC has worked on some incredible projects, many of which you may have even seen without knowing it. But our true passion is providing top quality services to homeowners in need. All too often we’ve seen leaky basements “fixed” by big brand waterproofing companies that were still leaking, or foundation “repairs” that are little more than a band-aid on a large structural problem. We’ll never steer a potential client in the wrong direction even if that means missing out on a sale, and that’s why we’ve been successful for over 30 years. This week, we want to educate you on the many services that we offer in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Take a look! FOUNDATION REPAIR & INSTALLATION For anyone looking to lay the foundation groundwork on a new house or office building in the Greater St. Louis Area, Benz & Associates is here to help. With over 30 years of St. Louis Foundation Repair service history, we have the expertise required for laying qualit

Benz & Associates is Blogging!

Hello all! Benz & Associates, LLC is excited to be joining the blogger world to share with you what we do, and our knowledge of the concrete construction and contracting world. If it involves concrete, we can handle it. We pride ourselves in providing St. Louis homeowners with top quality concrete services at fair prices. If you want your job done right, and on budget, trust a concrete contractor with over 30 years of experience. Our business goal can be summed up with two words, “REPEAT CUSTOMERS”. This says it all.  Mark C. Benz, owner and operator of Benz & Associates, LLC , started out at a young age working in the trades on countless large commercial projects. Many St. Louis landmarks gave Mark his first important experiences in the construction industry. Mark has collaborated and worked for multiple construction firms in St. Louis prior to starting Benz & Associates. His own firm was created in 2011 after spending over 30 years in the construction business.