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Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Foundation Repair Contractor

These days, there are tons of folks out there looking to make a quick dollar who claim to be professional contractors who can take care of all of your home repair needs. Unfortunately though, only about half of those contractors actually have the experience and knowledge it takes to get the job done correctly and efficiently. The last thing we want to see anyone do is to hire a contractor in good faith only to receive poor quality work and have to call in another professional to fix the work. That's why this week, we're offering some suggestions on questions you can ask before hiring to ensure you're working with a qualified foundation repair contractor . Can they provide referrals? When you ask your foundation repair contractor for a few past referrals, you’ll be able to directly see and understand the quality of their work. If the contractor refuses to provide past referrals or even references, that should trigger a red flag. Clearly something is wrong if the contra

Why You Should Hire a Professional Foundation Repair Specialist

Your home literally depends on the quality structure of its foundation. If you're even remotely concerned about the foundation in which your home sits on, you're better off having it professionally inspected. Even if there are minor issues or damage to your home's foundation, this could lead to larger issues down the road. Rather than attempting to fix the issues on your own, and possibly making the damage worse or causing more expense to you, here are several reasons why you should hire a St. Louis foundation repair specialist to address your foundation repair needs: EXPERIENCE When dealing with foundation issues, you should hire a contractor who services houses and commercial properties that has experience, training, and knowledge. Just as you’re an expert in your own field, you need to hire a company that can diagnose foundation damage and quickly create solutions. We’re contractors who are well known for doing an excellent job fixing foundations, and we know how

4 Reasons Buyers are Running FAST From Your Home

There's nothing quite as frustrating as listing your home for sale with high hopes that it'll be a quick and painless process, only to find yourself sitting on the market months or years down the road wondering what went wrong. Let's face it, there could be a number of reasons your home isn't selling - it's priced too high, your personal taste and decor is preventing buyers from seeing the potential of your home, etc. But more than likely, the reason is that there are some pretty serious issues that you've been ignoring in hopes that you won't have to sink any money into fixing it before it sells. If you need the cold hard truth to open your eyes, check out these 4 reasons why buyers are running FAST from your home instead of putting in offers: 1. Poor Upkeep Peeling paint, worn out carpeting, damaged tiles, cracked pavement – these cosmetic issues may seem minor, but there is a chance they may cause your home to continue sitting on the market. This is

Tips for Identifying Foundation Issues

The foundation of a home or building is essential to the value and safety of the structure. At a minimum, a foundation must do three things well: 1) Support the structure above, 2) Keep out groundwater, and 3) Act as a barrier to water and soil vapor. That being said, Benz & Associates wants to share with you some common issues that are seen in residential and commercial building foundations in the Greater St. Louis Area , as well as some tips for identifying them. Warning Signs from Inside Your Home All homes settle over time, and this typically isn't cause for panic. However, you’ll want to still pay attention to these warning signs that could mean that there are bigger problems. If you notice that your doors begin to have problems closing properly or are not latching when you shut them, this could be an indication of foundation settlement. If cracks appear in walls, especially over doorways and windows or where walls meet the ceiling, that could also mean you have a fo

10 Reasons to Choose a Concrete Parking Lot

Your parking lot creates one of the first impressions for your place of business. As the focal point for passersby and visitors, an attractive and well-kept parking lot with curb appeal adds value to your investment. By far the two most popular parking lot materials in the U.S. are concrete and asphalt. But, for many reasons, concrete should be the number one choice when it comes to creating a long lasting and low maintenance parking lot for any St. Louis business . Take a look at the 10 reasons why we feel concrete is the best option for all business owners. 1. Up-Front Cost Concrete parking lots are increasingly cost effective compared to asphalt parking lots due to rising petroleum prices, and asphalt shortages. 2. Lifetime Cost Concrete parking lots require very little maintenance.  Resealing is recommended every 3-4 years, and can be done very economically with virtually no down time. 3. Longer Installation Season Concrete can be installed at lower temperatures than as