Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Foundation Repair Contractor

These days, there are tons of folks out there looking to make a quick dollar who claim to be professional contractors who can take care of all of your home repair needs. Unfortunately though, only about half of those contractors actually have the experience and knowledge it takes to get the job done correctly and efficiently. The last thing we want to see anyone do is to hire a contractor in good faith only to receive poor quality work and have to call in another professional to fix the work. That's why this week, we're offering some suggestions on questions you can ask before hiring to ensure you're working with a qualified foundation repair contractor.

Can they provide referrals?
When you ask your foundation repair contractor for a few past referrals, you’ll be able to directly see and understand the quality of their work. If the contractor refuses to provide past referrals or even references, that should trigger a red flag. Clearly something is wrong if the contractor is unwilling to allow past clients to discuss his or her work. Referrals should be able to talk about the great craftsmanship of their repaired foundation. When you are provided with referrals, your potential contractor is telling you that they can be trusted with your foundation. The referrals you received should also be able to back up that claim.

Does the Contractor offer more than one repair method?
Each property has unique needs and not all foundation repair jobs are the same. Some properties require the installation of underpinning and piers, while others require drainage correction. A structure may be too light to withstand adequate installation pressures for pressed concrete pilings. Some foundation repairs may be very minor and require little but maybe patching or filling of cracks, while others may require a more extensive repair. If you call out a company that says they do foundation repairs only to find out they only patch cracks when your situation clearly requires lifting a sunken concrete foundation, you're likely going to be very disappointed when you have to call out yet another professional to come out to take care of the problem. It's best to know in advance the range of repairs your foundation repair contract is capable of handling.

Is a building permit required to complete the repair?
In St. Louis County and several other counties in Missouri, Foundation and floor slab repair such as patching/filling of cracks (up to 1/4 inch in walls and 3/8 inch in slabs), waterproofing basements, etc., including underpinning of slabs and foundation wall, provided the existing building is otherwise structurally sound do not require a building permit. However, if the job requires removing and replacing a segment of the footing and/or foundation wall, or the foundation is considered to be unsafe, a building permit is required. So, if you've hired a contractor that says it's not necessary to get a building permit to complete the repair, but they've indicated that the job is more extreme than a simple repair, it may be a red flag that you should look into getting a second opinion.

Do they have adequate insurance?
Liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance are important safeguards should someone get injured or a catastrophic accident occur. Always ask to see the Certificates of Insurance. This is especially important if they will be bringing in a sizable crew of their own workers to complete a project. If vehicles will be used on the job, ask for commercial auto coverage as well. This is extremely important to confirm before allowing any contractor to begin work because your homeowners insurance will likely not protect you against injuries or damage to a commercial contractor's employees or property in the event that something does happen on the job. The last thing you want to deal with on top of a foundation issue is an unnecessary lawsuit.

We understand just how frustrating it can be to expect quality service from a contractor only to get a band-aid fix that's going to require more work shortly down the road. For that reason alone we've strived to deliver honest and quality service in every job we complete. While much of our competition is willing to provide minimal services in repairing or constructing a project, Benz & Associates is known for its high-end quality work. Because of that, for over 30 years homeowners have been looking to our crew for answers to foundation problems. With honest, upfront guidance, you’ll know what the issue is and how it should be addressed. If you’re in need of foundation repairs in St. Louis, we can work with you to solve the problem. Call us today for a free quote at 314-393-8813!

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