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Check Out The Services Benz & Associates Offers!

Benz & Associates, LLC  has worked on some incredible projects, many of which you may have even seen without knowing it. But our true passion is providing top quality services to homeowners in need. All too often we’ve seen leaky basements “fixed” by big brand waterproofing companies that were still leaking, or foundation “repairs” that are little more than a band-aid on a large structural problem. We’ll never steer a potential client in the wrong direction even if that means missing out on a sale, and that’s why we’ve been successful for over 30 years. This week, we want to educate you on the many services that we offer in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Take a look! FOUNDATION REPAIR & INSTALLATION For anyone looking to lay the foundation groundwork on a new house or office building in the Greater St. Louis Area, Benz & Associates is here to help. With over 30 years of St. Louis Foundation Repair service history, we have the expertise required for laying qualit

How to Hire a Concrete Contractor

We may be nearing the fall season, but some of you might already be thinking about your spring home improvement projects and what you’d like to cross off your to do list. A new concrete patio, sidewalk, or steps might be on your list, so here are a few things to look out for when hiring a concrete contractor in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Ask Around the Neighborhood If any of your neighbors or friends have had concrete work done recently, ask them about the St. Louis concrete contractor they used. Get some word of mouth recommendations, which is almost always the best way to find a service provider like a concrete contractor. And when you contact one to start inquiring about services and prices, ask if the contractor has any testimonials. Look Online for Reviews The internet is a great place to do some research about your concrete contractor. Check websites like Yelp, Angie’s List and Google+ Local to see what kind of reviews your concrete contractor got from previo

4 Concrete Ideas to Strengthen Your Home's Appeal

Who doesn't strive to have the best looking house in the neighborhood? Of course, you want all your neighbors doing double takes of your gorgeous landscaping and wishing they had a great looking curb appeal like your home does. Well, that dream to be the envy of the neighborhood isn't too far from reality. We've got 4 concrete ideas to strengthen your home's appeal. Check them out! 1. Dress Up The Driveway If your driveway is an eye sore and even worse to drive on, it may be time to think about replacing it with a more sturdy, longer lasting one. By installing a concrete driveway , not only will you prolong the life and use of your driveway, but you'll create a beautiful eye-catching addition to your home's landscaping. You can even get a stamped design done to add definition and style that will have your neighbors envious! 2. Build a Walkway When you invite family, friends, and neighbors over you don't want them tripping over their own feet whil

Why You Should Choose Concrete Steps and Stairways

Concrete can be used to add style and expression to any property. While it's mainly used as an exterior substance for building and designing, it is affordable for the average homeowner to use for both indoor and outdoor design. Steps, walkways, and staircases can all be constructed from concrete because concrete is a substance that conforms to any figure or structure. Practically any design can be constructed into a physical structure made of concrete, especially walkways and steps. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose concrete for your steps, stairways and walkways. Durable The durability of concrete, along with the very low maintenance required, make the choice of having concrete stairs over wood stairs an easy one. Concrete stairs will not warp, fade, splinter or rot. To keep a concrete stairway looking like new all you have to do is pressure wash and re-seal them. It also offers longevity compared to many other materials, and concrete is waterproof, so flo