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Preventive Maintenance to Protect Your Home's Foundation

Out of sight and out of mind - the foundation is the most important, yet most overlooked part of your home. Most homeowners don't think about foundation maintenance until an issue arises. By that time, it could be an expensive repair. So, to help homeowners like yourself prevent expensive foundation repairs , we're sharing with you some preventative maintenance items to check to protect your home's foundation and your wallet! Look Out for Plumbing Issues Catching leaks early can save you tens of thousands of dollars down the road. Leaks behind the walls and under the floors aren't just bad for the foundation; they can also destroy other parts of the home. Pooling water, moldy walls and low-faucet pressure are all obvious signs of plumbing issues, but some leaks aren't so conspicuous. If you're not familiar with the plumbing in your home, it may be worth it to have a professional come in to check out your system to ensure there aren't any leaks, especia

5 Reasons to Hire a Foundation Repair Contractor

We understand that these days people want the most for their money and will try to cut corners wherever they can by attempting to do foundation work and repairs on their own. While it can be enjoyable and fulfilling to be able to say you did a repair or installation on your own, it would be best to let a pro handle it. These types of projects require tremendous measurements, calculations, and knowledge to ensure the job is done right the first time. Here are 5 solid reasons why  hiring a foundation repair contractor  is the best thing to do: 1. Cost-effective While you think by doing a foundation repair on your own you'll be saving money, that can actually be quite costly in the long run. While you may save on labor costs by doing it yourself, you could be spending more on materials than a professional contractor would, since most contractors are able to get bulk materials for much less than you can pick them up for at your local home improvement store. Also, if the proj

5 Things You NEVER Want to See on an Inspection Report

When you're selling a home, there are a lot of emotions going through your mind: excitement about finally getting a great offer and having serious buyers interested in your home, eager to get it over with and start moving on with your life, nervous because it's the first home you've ever bought and your family has made so many memories here, and probably stress from all that's involved with the whole selling process. One emotion you don't want to feel during what should be an exciting time in your life though, is fear. Unfortunately, when it comes to the inspection period and receiving that report back with all that could potentially be wrong with your home that may break the deal, can be extremely frightening if you're not sure what to expect. Here's a list of 5 things you NEVER want to see on an inspection report: 1. HVAC Malfunction If your home's HVAC system isn't functioning properly or doesn't work at all, especially this time of year

Mother Nature's Affect on Your Foundation

Over the years, your home will likely begin to show signs of settling. This is pretty normal, but you should always keep an eye out for any red flag indicators of bigger foundation problems . While houses go through some settling over the years, there are some natural factors that can cause real foundation damage. And although some of these aren't very common for Missouri, it's still good to know how different forces of mother nature can affect your foundation. So, let's take a look at some of the major natural factors: Earthquakes While earthquake occurrences aren't very common in Missouri, they're not completely unheard of. Minor tremors are especially common near the bootheel area. Fortunately, the magnitude of an earthquake typically has to reach a level 3 before it causes structural damage, and most of the recent Missouri earthquakes have rated between 1-2.7. Earthquakes cause the soil beneath the foundation to shift. When the movement in the earth is str