5 Things You NEVER Want to See on an Inspection Report

When you're selling a home, there are a lot of emotions going through your mind: excitement about finally getting a great offer and having serious buyers interested in your home, eager to get it over with and start moving on with your life, nervous because it's the first home you've ever bought and your family has made so many memories here, and probably stress from all that's involved with the whole selling process. One emotion you don't want to feel during what should be an exciting time in your life though, is fear. Unfortunately, when it comes to the inspection period and receiving that report back with all that could potentially be wrong with your home that may break the deal, can be extremely frightening if you're not sure what to expect. Here's a list of 5 things you NEVER want to see on an inspection report:

1. HVAC Malfunction
If your home's HVAC system isn't functioning properly or doesn't work at all, especially this time of year, this could be an immediate deal breaker for any buyer if you're not willing to get it fixed or replace it. We all know how costly these things can be, but proper maintenance and routine care can really go a long way and prevent you from having to spill out thousands of dollars just to get your home to sell.

2. Roof Problems
Any water marks on a ceiling can indicate that there are roof issues. But not all roofing issues are going to be so noticeable. Just because there aren't any visible water damage indications yet, doesn't mean the roof is in good shape. Roof issues can be anything from missing or damaged shingles to holes in the roof and worse. The best way to be sure the roof isn't going to be an issue on the inspection report is to have a professional roofing company do an inspection and fix any issues before hand.

3. Water Damage
If there is any kind of evidence of water leaks in the home or if there is standing water in the basement, that's obviously a huge red flag and can mean serious costly expenses. While a small water stain on the ceiling may not look like much, it can be indicative of a much larger problem. The tough part with water damage is easily finding where the problem has originated. Since water works its way down, a stain in the basement could actually be coming from a leak in the roof.

4. Mold
While surface mold in poorly ventilated bathrooms is normal, black mold that can show up in a home's basement or crawl space is a different story entirely. Black mold can take a lot of very expensive remediation efforts. There's the cost of getting the mold out, but then there's also the cost of all the effort to make sure it doesn't come back. Unfortunately, if there is black mold in the home, that's a pretty big indication of a more serious issue in the home, such as a foundation or costly plumbing issues.

5. Foundation Issues
Almost every house has some settling issues. But if the home seems to have settled more than it should, there could be some pretty serious, and costly, issues caused by this. Most structures will have hairline cracks somewhere in the basement or along the foundation from the weight of the house causing the foundation to settle into the ground. Many cracks are no big deal, but others can indicate a more serious problem. It's the more serious potential problems that may scare off your buyer.

The best way to prevent seeing these items on an inspection report when you're trying to sell your home is to take precautionary and preventative measures. Routinely inspect your home or have a professional do so for you. If you do notice a foundation issue and need someone to fix a crack or address a bigger foundation issue, hire the best foundation repair contractor in St. Louis to handle your foundation needs. Benz & Associates, LLC is a licensed and insured St. Louis foundation repair and construction services company focused on completing every project on time, and on budget. Our goal is to earn repeat business and referral business because that type of business is based off quality service and product. Everything we do is about quality and craftsmanship. Contact us for all of your foundation repair projects in the Greater St. Louis area!

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