4 Reasons Buyers are Running FAST From Your Home

There's nothing quite as frustrating as listing your home for sale with high hopes that it'll be a quick and painless process, only to find yourself sitting on the market months or years down the road wondering what went wrong. Let's face it, there could be a number of reasons your home isn't selling - it's priced too high, your personal taste and decor is preventing buyers from seeing the potential of your home, etc. But more than likely, the reason is that there are some pretty serious issues that you've been ignoring in hopes that you won't have to sink any money into fixing it before it sells. If you need the cold hard truth to open your eyes, check out these 4 reasons why buyers are running FAST from your home instead of putting in offers:

1. Poor Upkeep
Peeling paint, worn out carpeting, damaged tiles, cracked pavement – these cosmetic issues may seem minor, but there is a chance they may cause your home to continue sitting on the market. This is especially true if your buyer has an FHA loan, as HUD has a higher standard of appraisal over conventional loans. Giving your home a mini face lift not only makes your home more appealing to buyers, but can also help to increase the home's value.

2. Poor Drainage and Grading
Clogged rain gutters, down spouts that don’t direct water away from the house, water stains in the basement, and spongy soil around your foundation are all signs that you’ve got issues in this area that need to be addressed. These fixes could be as simple as cleaning your gutters to adding down spout extensions and gutter screens to prevent clogs. If your drainage problems are caused by a poorly sloped yards, it may be beneficial to consider regrading your lawn.

3. Roof Problems
Clogged storm gutters cause water running off your roof to back up and collect along the edges. This can lead to water damage to your shingles and wood rot in your fascia boards. Your roof can sustain other damage as well, such as curled shingles caused by sun damage, storms tearing roofing off in spots, or damaged flashing around vent openings. Not to mention, the damage it's doing to the interior of your home. If you leave this damage unfixed for too long, you’ll wind up needing a new roof. And any smart buyer who sees this, will know it's going to be an expense they may not be willing to take on.

4. Foundation Problems
Improper drainage around your home’s exterior is one of several causes that can lead to foundation issues, both minor and severe. If you’re lucky, your home’s foundation issues will be minor, caused by the natural settling of a home over time. If your home has severe foundation problems, chances are you’ve already seen signs of the damage. Some signs of foundation problems include: noticeably slanted floors, windows and doors that don’t close properly, cracks in your interior walls, gaps above cabinets, and visible cracks in the exterior foundation. All of these indications can be a huge red flag to buyers that will have them running for the door. 

While we can't help you get your home sold, we can help with one of these very daunting problems: foundation repair. So if you're needing someone to fix a crack in your foundation, hire the best foundation repair contractor in St. Louis to handle your foundation needs. Benz & Associates, LLC is a licensed and insured St. Louis foundation repair and construction services company focused on completing every project on time, and on budget. Our goal is to earn repeat business and referral business because that type of business is based off quality service and product. Everything we do is about quality and craftsmanship. Contact us for all of your foundation repair projects in the Greater St. Louis area!

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